Thief snatches purse, gets bit by dog

Source: Eastlake Police
Source: Eastlake Police
An Eastlake resident's dog is being credited with helping police snag an accused purse snatcher.
Timothy Drenski, 22, is accused of following an elderly woman into the bathroom at Lucky Charms Sweepstakes Café and then running off with her purse. Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Drenski reportedly snatched the woman's purse while she was entering a stall. He then fled the building.
Eastlake Police say Drenski ran through several yards during his escape, but made the mistake of jumping into a fenced yard where a large Rottweiler then bit into the suspect. Several neighbors also helped by telling police which direction the suspect fled.
Police found Drenski right as he was leaving a yard and headed to a waiting vehicle. He was placed under arrest and is now facing felony theft charges.

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