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Inside the "Man Cave": Room used for kiddie porn in day care

Darin Casper Darin Casper

19 Action News is getting the first look inside a secret room inside a home daycare.  Police say the room was used by a man to trade kiddie porn and record hidden camera videos of naked children.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors just released photos used when they built a case against Darin Casper.  This week Judge Robert McClelland sent Casper to prison for 24 years.

Casper's wife ran a home day care on Baltic Ave. on Cleveland's east side.  Prosecutors say he traded kiddie porn over the Internet and created his own dirty videos of children including some from the day care.

The pictures show Casper's computers and video games used to lure kids into his secret room. The room even had a lock on the door.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say Casper molested at least five kids, and he videotaped 10 kids while they were naked.

Investigators say the case involving Casper goes back to 1998.

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