19 Action News Alert: Lakewood illegal contractors?

19 Action News Alert: Lakewood illegal contractors?

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Things got really ugly two years ago in Lakewood.  Hail and wind damage in a May 2010 storm, and after it blew thru there were complaints filed against out of state illegal contractors looking for a quick score.

City of Lakewood Director of Planning and Development says, "We had contractors from states all around coming into town.  Many did the right thing, they registered.  But there are unscrupulous contractors who want to take advantage of a situation and we want to protect our residents."

They do not want a repeat of 2010 this year.

Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers says, "At the high water mark there were 15,000 homes in Lakewood with out power.  As we sit at noon on Thursday 9,900 do not have power.  We made a little progress. 16 crews are in town now but it's going to be a tough road."

Contractors have to be registered with the city and carry their own insurance.  Roofers have to get a city permit before repairing your home.

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