Cleveland: Shocked girl investigation

Cleveland: Shocked girl investigation
Gasia Thomas shocked by downed power line
Gasia Thomas shocked by downed power line

Reporter Ed Gallek is investigating whether any safety forces had been monitoring the corner where a 12-year-old girl was critically shocked by fallen wires.

Gasia Thomas remains at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital after grabbing the live wire Thursday afternoon at East 130th and Iroquis.

The head of the Cleveland Police Union says an officer had been out there hours earlier, and he'd been led to believe there was no hazard. The union says the wire was more than 100 feet long. The officer had seen someone step on the wires with no harm.

And an hour later, the officer says he spoke with phone company crew, and he was told the lines were phone lines. The officer then left the scene. About 6 hours later, Gasia was shocked.

So, was that crew wrong? Did another wire fall? Information still being gathered.

This week we raised the question: why aren't power crews focusing on dangerous downed lines before restoring service to customers?

Mayor Frank Jackson is holding First Energy accountable for the downed wires, Jackson immediately called a series of conference calls and required First Energy to establish a plan to assess the reported locations and mitigate the risks as quickly as possible.

The City of Cleveland is also asking that families refrain from trick or treating in the interest of safety.

"This decision comes out of an abundance of caution to help keep our residents and children safe from harm as we work to resolve the fallout from Hurricane Sandy," said Mayor Jackson. "We will continue to work to identify and mitigate risks from power lines and restore power to our residents."

The City's event, Big City Boo will be at all city recreation centers Saturday from 6 - 8 p.m.

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