Hero firefighter brings shock victim back to life

Hero firefighter brings shock victim back to life

Jeff Buehner is a soft spoken paramedic whose actions speak loudly.  He helped save the life of Gasia Thomas - a 12 year old girl whose heart stopped beating after she touched a downed power line along this street near E. 130 and Iroquois.

"We knew it was an intense call from the beginning.  We got about five calls on it.  From the get go out the door we thought, this is going to be a pretty bad call. We didn't know it was a little girl at the time," said Jeff Buehner a Firefighter and Paramedic with East Cleveland Fire Department.

Family members say Gasia was still holding the wire that sent a huge electrical shock through her body when they found her.  She wasn't breathing when Buehner got there with the rest of his emergency crew.

"We got her in the squad car and we started CPR," he said.

Finally around eight to ten minutes later, a miracle happened. Gasia started breathing again.

"When we got her back it was a pretty big relief," Buehner said as he smiled.

Now this firefighter/paramedic and father has another title to describe him - he's a hero - even if he doesn't think so.

"I don't feel that way at all - not at all," he added.  "Not every patient or call do I go on where I continue to think about the patient. Last night into today, I'm definitely still thinking about her."

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