Thousands show up for President Obama In Mentor

Thousands show up for President Obama In Mentor

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - With less than three days to go until election day - President Barack Obama addresses thousands at Mentor High School.

"You know I tell the truth. Know that I work for working families every single day as hard as I know how."

So many showed up, some like Sherry Glick are turned away.

"There was a lot of people that had tickets, but they said they were so full they couldn't let anyone else in," said Glick.

Those that get in walk away hearing what they'd already heard so many times before.  Kristen Britton says it didn't matter what the President said, she supports him because her life is better now than it was four years ago.

"Going back to nursing school now since Obama's been in office, I was able to pay for my whole education," Britton said.

Turns out more than four thousand came here to be a part of one of the President's final campaign rallies.

Outside the rally, Obama protesters had some heated exchanges with passersby.

"We've been getting a lot of middle fingers, but it's just shows immaturity.  There are children here; you don't need to be flipping the bird," said Jesse Simcox of Westlake.

A man going around the country dressed as a gas can has his own message.

"We'd like to roll back gas prices to $1.84 a gallon in this country today," said the man who would only identify himself as, "The Gas Can Man."

Neighbors say they haven't seen this much excitement since John McCain visited during the 2008 election.  Even Mitt Romney supporters admit they've enjoyed this visit.

"It was exciting," says Bo Callahan.

"It was great to see everyone out from both parties.  I look forward to Tuesday and the election," adds Billy Hernandez.

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