Local radio host Tom Erickson dies

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Today the broadcast world mourns the loss of a local veteran radio talk show host.

Tom Erickson, host of the long-running "Tom Erickson Show" on WNIR 100.1, has passed away. A statement on WNIR's website says he had been missing from the airwaves since June 5th, when an illness forced him to take a leave of absence.
The longtime Akron resident and animal activist spent more than 30 years reporting northeast Ohio news on both radio and television. Erickson began working for WNIR in 1996 and became a talk show host in 2001. From politics to outer space, he covered every topic under the sun and beyond on his program.
"He had an affinity for everything extra-terrestrial, and would keep listeners up to date on the latest news involving America's space program, seasoning the conversations of his nightly talk show with informative, humorous and at times bizarre topics," read a statement on the radio station's web site.
According to WNIR, "Tom was a great supporter of law enforcement and emergency workers, those on the front lines in times of crisis or disaster. He also devoted much of his spare time to the cause of finding homes for abandoned dogs and cats. He was a devoted, unabashed faithful fan and follower of the Pittsburgh Steelers."
Tom will be greatly missed by his family, friends, colleagues and countless numbers of loyal fans.
WNIR says listeners who wish to call and share stories about and tributes to Tom with other listeners will be welcome to do so on all of their local programs. 
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