Campaign 2012: Romney rallies at the IX Center

It's no secret that Mitt Romney and President Obama are fighting fiercely for Ohio's 18 electoral votes.

With only two days before the election Cleveland is finally in the rear view mirror -- as far as presidential race appearances go -- but not before Romney rallied Sunday at the IX Center.

"I'm excited to introduce you to the next president of the United States," said Governor Mitt Romney.

A riled up, republican crowd of about 6,000 seemed to know this race is at a statistical dead heat in Ohio.

"Oh absolutely. We've been working 24 hours a day to take back our country," said a republican.

With less than 2 days to go The Columbus Dispatch has President Obama leading Mitt Romney50% to 48%.

"That's why we're here, to see what we can do and help keep the momentum," said Stephen Wayne.  "Well we're always the one to decide the president.  It comes down to us.  We're ready for the action."

Sunday Romney again promised more domestic energy production, more jobs and a balanced federal budget.

"We love Mitt.  We're lifelong republicans and we think country is going in the wrong direction and we'd like to turn that around," said Jerry Miller.  "As soon as Romney is elected president, business is going to explode and gas prices will go down.  You'll never see anything in your life like this -- the boom that we're going to have."

Both Romney and President Obama will be in Columbus Monday.

The Obama camp is predicting quote "a voter turnout unlike any other American politics has ever seen."

Having registered 1.8 million new voters in the most competitive states, that's almost twice as many as when Obama was elected 4 years ago.

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