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Negotiations delay sentencing for teen convicted in Craigslist murder plot

Brogan Rafferty Brogan Rafferty

Sentencing for the Stow teen convicted in a Craigslist murder plot has been delayed until Friday.

Last week, jurors found 17-year-old Brogan Rafferty guilty of murder and attempted murder. 

It appears Rafferty's lawyers and prosecutors are negotiating over his possible testimony against Richard Beasley, the Craigslist murder plot mastermind.  They could ask for a lighter sentence if he cooperates.

According to prosecutors, Rafferty and 52-year-old Beasley lured men to a remote farm in Noble County through a Craigslist ad that promised work.

Three men were killed, a fourth man was shot, but survived.

During the trial, Rafferty testified that he feared for his life if he didn't do what Beasley told him to do.

Rafferty faces life in prison.

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