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Staples found in Mentor child's box of Halloween candy


An investigation is underway after a box of contaminated Halloween candy was discovered in Mentor.

A concerned mother called the cops after discovering a suspicious box of Wonka Grape Nerds candy. The parent said the box was bent, but still appeared to be glued shut. She opened the box and found it half filled with staples, not candy.

It appeared someone had tampered with the box.

The child was Trick or Treating in the Headlands area, specifically on Homewood, Jordan, Willow-brook and Spinnaker.

There was also a box of the same candy received in the North Palmerston area, which was empty when opened.

Police recommend that parents check all of the candy their children received from Trick or Treating and to contact the Mentor Police Department at 440-974-5760 if they find something suspicious.

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