43 FORUM: Overcoming arthritis

43 FORUM: Overcoming arthritis

Four guests on this edition of WUAB 43 Forum.  Dr. Andrew Zeft, the Cleveland Clinic; Kelly Donahue, the Arthritis Foundation; Anna Faust, an 8 year-old pediatric patient and Anna's father John.

In the first segment of the program we talked about what arthritis is and who it affects.

We talked about treatments and research regarding this pain, inflammatory disease and we discuss how to live better with it, like pain medications and staying physically active.

Kelly Donahue talked about the various programs the Arthritis Foundation has to help people suffering with the disease.

I talked with Anna about when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis ( at age 18-months) and how she deals with it now.

She says she stays active snowboarding, swimming, playing scoccer and dancing.

Her dad talked about how difficult it is to have your child go through the pain and discomfort of arthritis and just how much of a trooper Anna is.

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