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Obama mentions Mentor girl in victory speech

Erin Potter and Justin Bieber Erin Potter and Justin Bieber
Erin Potter Erin Potter

Ohio was a big focus of the President's campaign.  Mr. Obama even mentioned a local girl battling cancer in his address Tuesday night.

In President Obama's acceptance speech, just like in other speeches during the campaign, he mentioned Ohio, and a family he met on the campaign trail.

That Kirtland family spoke to us Wednesday about the nod they got from the President and what his re-election means to them.

Erin Potter is nearly nine, and in remission from leukemia for the third time.  She's spent half her life fighting cancer but her father says her road to recovery will benefit from the president's re-election.

"She's not going to walk around with the tag of a cancer patient.  She can get affordable insurance as an adult and she's not the only one.  This is going to impact a lot of people for the good for a long time," said Kevin Potter.

He was asked to introduce the president during a recent visit to Mentor.

He was floored that their family made enough of an impression on the Commander in Chief to get a mention during his victory speech.

"Every parent in that room had tears in their eyes because we knew that little girl could be our own.  And I know that every American wants her future to be just as bright.  That's who we are," said President Obama.

One of Erin's doctors at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Dr. John Letterio, is pleased that his patient has the President's attention.

"The importance of providing resources to the childrens' hospitals, and the patients and families to make this care affordable and accessible should be a mission for everyone.  We should all care about it," said Letterio.

Erin wasn't feeling well enough to talk to us today, but her dad tells us she stayed up late for election results and replayed the part where he mentioned her several times.

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