Editorial: Obama Re-Elected

WOIO Editorial: Obama Re-Elected

(WOIO) - President Barack Obama's re-election victory this week was, in many ways, a more impressive triumph than his historic first election in 2008.  Think about it.

The country is in a deep economic malaise and has been throughout his entire first term.   Unemployment is at near record highs, and has been for four years.  At no time during the long campaign did he really spell out specifically what he would do to fix the economy in the next four years and yet, voters in this country have returned him to office.

It is a testament to his almost magical personal appeal and a brilliant tactical political campaign. But the vote was close enough to leave the president without a mandate and - with republicans retaining control of the House of Representatives - the federal government in Washington, is likely to stay grid locked and the nation itself remains as ideologically divided as ever.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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