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Cleveland Congressman's home break-in

Congressman Kucinich's west side home Congressman Kucinich's west side home

19 Action News has learned of a break-in at the home of Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The congressman tells 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek that he's had that home 40 years and he's never had a problem.  His home was ransacked.

The break-in took place off West 122 in Cleveland.  According to the congressman he came home from Washington Monday and that's when he found the mess.  His files were everywhere and there was lots of things overturned.  A report shows a man had been in the home the day before moving boxes and files and mementos from the congressman's office for storage.  

Congressman Kucinich's term ends in January. 

Neighbors didn't see anything or hear anything.  It seems the intruders got in through a back window.

The break-in remains under investigation.

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