Casino skywalk petition

OurCLE, a grassroots campaign initiative, has launched a petition to educate the public and advocate against the proposed Horseshoe Casino skywalk. A Facebook page and Twitter account are also live.

After receiving 100 signatures, OurCLE will send the online petition to Paul Loether, Chief Appeals Officer at the National Register of Historic Places, before the November 15th hearing on Forest City Enterprises' request to build the bridge and still keep historic tax credits. We urge Mr. Loether to deny their appeal.

Supporters cite economic development as the primary reason for constructing a skywalk across Ontario Avenue into the side of Tower City. To the contrary: construction jobs would be temporary; the project adds no benefit to the surrounding downtown neighborhood; and planning experts say skywalks kill street life and contribute to the perception that downtown is abandoned. Attached is a letter that explains OurCLE's objection in detail and the necessity for urgent action from key community leaders to step up and stop this boondoggle.

OurCLE also plans to go door-to-door this coming weekend to seek signatures for a second letter addressed to Mayor Jackson and Councilman Cimperman, supporters of the project, and to increase awareness of this important issue that could cause decades of irreparable harm to downtown development and return migration.

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