Smoking ban coming to CSU

Smoking ban coming to CSU

If you like to light up and you either work or go to school at Cleveland State University --change is coming.  The university will be tobacco-free by next fall.

Some students don't like it. "For me it would suck.  I like to sit around and smoke," said student smoker, Adel Alhatlani.  He enjoys the freedom of just lighting up where and when he pleases.

Now he and others, including faculty and staff, are going to have to make some adjustments if they want to smoke anywhere near this downtown urban campus.

University officials says the smoking ban has one intent.  "To promote healthy lifestyle.  There's a ban on tobacco but also we're providing programs to students, faculty and staff to help them stop smoking. We don't want to just ban smoking.  We also want to help people," said Joe Mosbrook, Cleveland State University spokesperson.

He says CSU is just following recommendations from the Ohio Board of Regents.  Starting in September of 2013 the campus will essentially go smoke free.  The idea isn't going over well with most of the student smokers polled.

"If somebody told me that it's really bothering them, my smoking, I would gladly move away. But the whole idea of banning it throughout campus...I see a lot of smokers right here and I think it's going to cause a lot of trouble," said Alhatlani.

Another student, who has only been smoking for a year says, "If they did it now I just wouldn't smoke on campus.  I would just smoke on my way to school."

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