Driver Safety: Latest RTA attack causing more concern

Driver Safety: Latest RTA attack causing more concern
Greg Vranekovic
Greg Vranekovic

Another act of violence against an RTA bus driver.

The attack happened Thursday afternoon on Bus #15 at E. 114th Street and Union in Cleveland.

Driver Greg Vranekovic says he scolded a man for getting on his bus through the back door.

The guy paid the fare, but 20 blocks later as he was exiting the bus, he attacked.

19 Action News spoke to rookie driver Vranekovic as he was leaving the emergency room at University Hospitals.

"He punched me in the face repeatedly.  He came out of nowhere and then he got off the bus," said Vranekovic.

"He said maybe next time you'll think of how you treat people. After that he called me an a**,"  Vranekovic added.  "Lucky, I kept my foot on the break.  These people gotta understand I'm driving a big machine out there."

Police are now conducting follow-up interviews, and believe the attacker may be a teenager.

Two days ago, 19 Action News broke the news of RTA driver Artis Hughes being fired for hitting a female passenger.  We're told she'd assaulted him and spit on him. Vranekovic says said he thought twice about defending himself since that driver lost his job.

Vranekovic says he'll still drive despite the attack.

RTA will prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, anyone who assaults a public transit worker.

The bus drivers union is pushing for security for drivers and more punishment for anyone who attacks them.

Councilman Kevin Conwell had already planned to bring in the head of RTA next week.  They will conduct a hearing about driver safety.

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