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Police: Drunk clocked at 111mph was nearly four times the legal limit

Source: Broadview Heights Police Source: Broadview Heights Police

Police in Broadview Heights arrest an Aurora woman they say was driving over 100 miles per hour while drunk.

19 Action News has learned Natalie Frentner was nearly four-times the legal limit when cops clocked her driving her rental car at 111mph on I-77 late Tuesday night.

Police say that during her arrest, Frentner smelled strongly of alcohol despite claims she had not been drinking. Her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. When asked for her driver's license and insurance, Frentner handed the officer credit cards, a health insurance card and her Social Security card.

She needed help keeping her balance during the field sobriety tests before finally refusing to cooperate.

Officers brought her to the station, where her BAC was found to be .293. The legal limit in Ohio is .08.

Frentner was cited for speed, OVI, weaving, no turn signals and seat belt.

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