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Cleveland Heights couple found dead in their home

Elise and Greg Lindsay Elise and Greg Lindsay

The autopsy results are in for the 62-year-old couple found dead in their home.

"I was in the kitchen and saw all these cars.  I walked over there and asked what was going on.  They said it was not good.  When they said that I knew that they had past," said one neighbor.

On Thursday, November 8, a relative found Elise and Greg Lindsay in their home on East Monmouth Road in Cleveland Heights. 

The Cuyahoga medical examiner has reported the cause of death as carbon monoxide poisoning and ruled the incident an accident.

Police say they were unresponsive, along with two pets, a dog and cat. 

Carbon Monoxide causes 400 accidental deaths in America each year.  25 states have laws the require carbon monoxide in alarms in many residential buildings and homes, but Ohio does not.  

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