Middle school student sickened with MRSA in Portage County

Middle school student sickened with MRSA in Portage County

ATWATER, OH (WOIO) - A middle school student sickened with MRSA at Waterloo Middle School in Atwater.

Parents were told of the health situation on November 7.

The school continues to thoroughly disinfect the school, equipment, as well as commonly used areas.

The school is working to maintain the privacy of the affected student, as well as keep the district informed.


Dear Parents or Guardians:

There has been a confirmed case of MRSA, community acquired methicillin resistant staphaureus, in the middle school. Waterloo Schools continues to be pro-active regarding this issue. We are continuing to disinfect equipment and commonly used areas. We are encouraging students to wash well with soap and water and to cover open sores and wounds.

Staph is present everywhere. It is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, most often through openings in the skin such as cuts and scrapes. To prevent transmission of staph please have your child use good hand washing, cover scrapes and cuts. Do not share any personal items.

If your child develops rashes, pimples, or boils that do not heal, please contact your healthcare provider.

Thank you,
Mrs. Carpenter R.N. BSN

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