Local cop sexting on the job - READ some of the evidence HERE

Local cop sexting on the job - READ some of the evidence HERE

A local woman says she's not proud of what she's done, but she wants the public to know about her experience with a veteran police officer.

"What he did was very wrong."

19 Action News Chief Investigative Reporter Carl Monday isn't naming the officer, but we can tell you he works for Garfield Heights Police.

The woman, who says she's known the cop for some time, kept some of the text messages she says were sent by the officer.

"U out?  Go to Warner Rd."  Ah my dirty girl.  Waitin."

Two minutes later, the impatient patrolman sends a second text, too crude to print, much less show on TV.

"What did he want you to do?" asked Monday.

"Perform oral sex with him," she replied.

She says the two met twice.  Once at a city park off Canal Road in neighboring Cuyahoga Heights.  She says the officer was in full uniform, on-duty in his police car.

"He pulled my pants down and had me perform oral sex on him,"  she said wiping her tears.

"In the police car?"


Monday took the allegations to Garfield Heights Police Chief Robert Sackett. The Chief confirmed that the same woman came to him several months ago, but never revealed the cops name or the text messages.

"I'm glad you brought this to my attention," said the Chief. "Certainly, we can't have things like this and we'll investigate it."

Last week, Monday caught up with officer in question as he approached his patrol car.

"Officer, wondered if we could ask you a few questions? What about this woman's allegations that you engaged in sexual activity in a patrol car?"  The officer politely declined comment.

Chief Sackett says it's not the kind of behavior he would tolerate from any police officer, including the sexting on-duty.

If the practice of a cop sexting on duty sounds familiar, it should.

Recently, 19 Action News introduced you to Detective Vincent Lucarelli, Cleveland's "Sexting Cop."  Monday and his team uncovered some thirty thousand text messages sent or received by Lucarelli to woman involved in cases he was investigating.

Ron Turner, now a private investigator, was a Cleveland officer for twenty one years.  He, too has been looking into Lucarelli.  He interviewed nine women who exchange texts with the finger happy cop.

"Even the girls in his own neighborhood were victims of him," Turner said.

When one neighborhood girl turned eighteen, she told Monday that Lucarelli began driving her around in his detective car.

She showed 19 Action News texts from Lucarelli, and said he began giving her hundreds of dollars to buy shoes and clothing.

"What did he expect in return for this money?" asked Monday.

"Pictures," she answered.

"What kind of pictures?"

"Um, nude, in panties and bra."

She says the two engaged in sexual activity, but unlike the Garfield case, it didn't involve a police car.

The teen still lives at home with her mom, not far from the officer the family grew to trust.

"He violated that trust?" Monday asked the mom.

"Yes, yes. Tremendously."

"Should this guy be a police officer?"

"Of course not."

Lucarelli may not be for long.  The officer was cleared by the City Prosecutor of any criminal charges.  But the case has been sent back to Cleveland's Police Chief and Safety Director, who could suspend Lucarelli, or even fire him.

19 Action News has obtained over 30,000 text messages sent and received by local police officers.  Some of the racy messages were sent to girls young enough to be in high school!  You can read some of them here below:

U owe me a picture of u in those panties OK U tell me ok all the time and don't take care of me. So take care of your man Ur gonna get ur self in trouble and end up naked with me u keep talkin like that

Yes Im gonna smack that ***

Im gonna smack it and lick it

Im gonna lick every inch of ur body

Where am I pickin u up at?

 Hey you

Whos this the lady that refuses to give me some lovin

I love you to death but I cant keep chasin your sexy *** I been chasin u for 2 years u just don't want to be caught

That's crazy and being as old as I am you know I aint believing that But it is what it is

 I have crazy mood swings

U like drama smh

I try not to be confrontational at all with u. Ur changing on me keepin me at a distance.

I wanna put my lips all over ur body

OK I hear yu dnt have any cigaretts or liquor

Oh i get it now same to u if u have one of those good dreams call me The everything has me amped up man i think of u 24 7

I wanna hand cuff u to the bed and slide my head between your thighs

Yes I am freaky

Don't start stalkin me! my man's a cop! and hes crazy!

U like me stalking u ulove me stalking u Its cute.

All of us italians are cute

OK I want a picture of u in ur panties so send that for me

Were hooking up with vice and the gang unit On another warrant supposed to be lots of guns I got an extra vest u want in How about a picture of u naked just with my vest on

U can laught when u undress me

Ok Why would I laugh?

U wouldn't u would be breathless

Im sure.!

So would i as they say in the hood for real for real Lmao!

Gotta have u im sorry its not about the sex its about you being apart of you forever U r babe trust me. b lost if i didn't have i

All the bosses are here till about 2 where did u want me to take u

Send the picture im horny im frustrated I want ur body Ur lips ur moans send picture

 so what color are ur nails baby

Send me a pic of yu so i can store it in my phone What kind of picture future baby momma Did the picture come through Y are u ignoring me My bad was in the shower but i got it handsome U shoulda sent me that picture My bad Thats ok ur allowed to not think about me all the time Aww i do think about yu Not as much as i think of you Well ok

Lol i was sayin i am going to fall in luv with yu!

Oh i was getting really happy for a minute Lol ) Just trying to get ur heart and keep u forever Okay i wont keep texting while ur with ur girl text me ur ready for me Ok love Yes i do love u more then anything Ok i love yu Ok babii

So, is this where your money should go?  Emmy Award winning investigator Carl Monday busts Cleveland's "sext patrol."

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