Pesky traffic problem plagues Westlake-Bay border

Pesky traffic problem plagues Westlake-Bay border

BAY VILLAGE-WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Engineers are having a lot of trouble fixing a pesky problem on the west side. Work on a traffic signal at a rail crossing is taking a lot longer than first anticipated and is using more cash, too.

The hope that the signal problems at the Bay Village - Westlake border had been fixed went out as quickly as the lights themselves did earlier this week. Testing done when the work was completed this week showed the intersection still wasn't safe.

Back in early September, 19 Action News noticed that the intersection, which had been open with a new signal system, was abruptly changed back to how it was for years. Naigle Road traffic stops, Bradley Road doesn't. What confused drivers is that for a few weeks before stop signs had been put up in all directions to let everyone know that they could have to stop when the lights were turned on. The result, cars stopping when they didn't have to and at least one accident.

Reporter Paul Orlousky was told that the problem was in communication between the rail signals and the traffic signals. CT consultants were studying the matter from an engineering standpoint. Crews came, crews saw, but they did not conquer the problem.

In the end, a white sheet of surrender was draped over the still not fixed signal. The stop signs are back up on Naigle while a study of whether Norfolk and Southern hardware or software is to blame. And that will cost even more than the million or so that's already been spent.

When the rail crossing will be safe is anybody's guess. For now, back to the drawing board. Again.

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