December Declared Courteous & Polite While Riding the Bus Month

December Declared Courteous & Polite While Riding the Bus Month

RTA drivers and passengers agree that their dynamic needs to change.

"There's a lot of hostility out there. We want to curb all that," said fired RTA driver Artis Hughes.

The RTA driver who delivered the punch heard around the city, is hoping some good will come out of such an ugly incident.

Artis Hughes is backing community activists who are declaring December: Courteous and Polite While Riding the Bus Month. He wants to see passengers and drivers just get along.

"They're out there doing to do their job. Most of the people on the bus are trying to get their job. We just want it to be a safe ride for everybody," said Hughes.

"We want this attitude from the people to transcend into December and the rest of the year," said community activist Art McKoy.

Passengers say there's plenty of room for improvement.

"We've been on the bus with him a lot of times and there are people smoking weed and the bus drivers just sit there and let it happen,"

Those behind the movement are hoping to collaborate with RTA and the drivers' union to post signs on bus stops to help spread the word about the effort.

Some bus systems protect drivers with shields.  RTA confirms its doing some testing.  Hughes, who is appealing RTA's decision to fire him, says he'd like to see passengers protect their drivers if another rider is getting out of hand, or some legal protection.

"When you look at policemen, fire departments, utility workers, all of these people are protected by law, that you can't put your hands on them, so why wouldn't the bus driver be the same way," asked Hughes.

This week, Cleveland City Council is bringing in the head of RTA for a hearing about driver safety.

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