Pat Shurmur meets with the media after bye week off

Pat Shurmur meets with the media after bye week off
Pat Shurmur meets with the media after bye week off

Berea (WOIO) - Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the media on Monday after the team had the week off because of the bye.  Here's what the head coach had to say.

(Opening Statement) – "All the guys are back. We had a good practice and I'm sure you have a weekend full of questions. I'll let you fire away."

(On if he went to the Bahamas for the bye week) – "Nope. (I was in) Berea and parts close. I didn't leave town."

(On what he was able to accomplish during the bye) – "I think it was good. Early in the week we got a good practice in. As coaches we got a chance to sit down and evaluate what went right, early in the year, and what didn't go well, and what we want to try to focus on. That part was good. I think the players got a chance to get away a little bit and take advantage of some much needed rest."

(On if there can be a dramatic change in second half of season) – "I think there are things that happen in games that you don't want to happen again. When you look at it, you try to look at every reason why things happen. (You) try to eliminate mistakes and put the players in the best position to win games."

(On streamlining the play calling process) – "We needed to generally do a better job and really, it only popped up this last game. I had a chance to watch games yesterday, and you see quite frequently where quarterbacks are taking timeouts. It happens in almost every game. For the most part, the communication has been pretty good. We had some issues in the last game, and there were specific reasons for it and we correct it. Other than that, you're always looking for better ways to communicate. We just keep looking at what we do and keep trying to improve it."

(On if he and Brad Childress will continue to collaborate on play calling) – "We call the plays just like we do. We get the plays in, and the plays that go in have to be called properly in the huddle and then executed that way. No, I don't think anybody's going to recognize any big changes there. That's that."

(On if he thinks Ahtyba Rubin will be back against Dallas) – "Yeah, he was out there today practicing, so we're hopeful he'll be back."

(On how excited he is to have Rubin and Phil Taylor back together) – "We're starting to see more of the guys back that we thought we'd be seeing early in the year, which is good. Aside from Chris Gocong and guys that were hurt for the season, the roster looks more like I thought it would look when the season started."

(On the possibility of Billy Winn playing defensive tackle and end with Taylor's return) – "Yeah, that's a good point. When you have more defensive tackles that'll allow Billy, if we choose to, play him at end more. Which gives us a little flexibility there."

(On if Winn's quickness would work at the end position) – "I think he has the body type to play end and he has quickness. Yeah, I think he could do it."

(On the story that Mike Holmgren is interested in coaching job in Dallas being a distraction) – "I don't think it's a distraction to us. Of course, I'm not going to comment on it. That's a question that you need to ask Mike. As far as I know, the Cowboys have a coach, so I don't know where that came from. It's not a distraction for us."

(On if Holmgren has the itch to coach) – "I don't know that. I think that's what he was for a long time. Again, I think that's a question for him. I don't know."

(On how he and Childress call the plays) – "We decide what plays we're going to call. We say call it and we call it. I don't think it's that big of deal. We had a couple situations in the game."

(On if he and Childress go back and forth during the game with 'maybe we should do this') – "No. All week we decide what plays we're going to run (and) then we have them put down on the cards. That's what those cards are for. We just don't make it up. We tend to write it down. In fact, we type it on there so we can read it."

(On if he and Childress come to a consensus with the play call) – "And then we collaborate and make a decision. Most of the time, we have our thoughts ready to go based on the situation. That's all."

(On the mindset of the team coming off the bye) – "I thought their energy level was great. They all were back on time. I think they all handled their off time extremely well. We had a good practice here. I could tell that they've all done some conditioning. We ended it with a very spirited two-minute drill, which tells me they're back into it and ready to roll."

(On if he has a statement to his team about the second half of the season) – "We just talk about doing what we have to do to beat Dallas, that's number one. That's the focus on the process of beating Dallas, which is the preparation and then you take it from there. We know the results in the first half weren't good enough when it comes to wins and losses. We're doing what we can to win the first one and then take it from there."

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