Bad Mom, Sexting Patrol, City Cleanup - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

Bad Mom, Sexting Patrol, City Cleanup

What on earth would prompt a local woman to intentionally drive her car into two teenagers? 
Police say it happened, and only we have the videotape to prove it.
Our Ed Gallek confronts this mom caught on camera driving into the kids, with her own child in the car.

Plus, Carl Monday is looking into accusations about local police officers on duty and on the prowl.
Tonight, Carl exposes the officers caught sexting and much more, when they're supposed to be working.  
And you're paying for it.

Then, are you frustrated with your trash pickup?  
We have the northeast Ohio man who decided to take matters into his own hands.
He's spending his own money to clean up his city.

Romona and I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 11.


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