Snow Patrol, House of Hunger, Cancer Cluster

Snow Patrol, House of Hunger, Cancer Cluster

Can you believe ODOT has the salt trucks out tonight
We're out there with them, and we'll tell you about some of their high tech equipment designed to keep you safe.

Plus, we're learning more about the parents of a little baby who starved to death
We now know social workers were involved with the family for years. 
So what happened? 
Could they have done more to protect baby Isaac and his siblings from that house of hunger?

Move over Erin Brockovich. 
An Ohio family has hired a big name attorney to go up against the EPA. 
They want answers once and for all about the cancer cluster that's killing their children.

Plus, a big change on the way for couples to take their relationship to facebook.   
What you need to know before you hit "like."

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