Stolen jewelry mystery in Beachwood

Stolen jewelry mystery in Beachwood

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Beachwood police have a mystery on their hands. They're looking for the owner of some jewelry stolen 40 years ago!

The watch is about 120 years old.  It's a pocket watch, that still works, that has an inscription on the back - to Lillie in memory of Relie, Sept. 6th 1892.

And there's a pendant, with a sterling silver chain. The pendant has six small blue stones, possibly sapphires, placed around a raised Star of David. The initials H.T.S. are engraved on the back. And Beachwood police are trying to figure out who this jewelry belongs to.  Beachwood Detective Keith Winebrenner is on the case, "It's very interesting,  it's one of the most interesting things I've come across."

Detective Winebrenner explained that someone came to the Beachwood police station, asked to talk to the Chief, and turned over the jewelry.  That person, Winebrenner said, wanted to remain anonymous and would only say that he got it from someone who got it, from the person who stole it.  And the thief, who stole it sometime in the 70s, was now dead. But that's it, no other information, no clues.

The possibilities of course are endless.  Beachwood police have gone over and over their records but can find no information about a crime fitting the missing jewelry.  Police are hoping another local department will have a file fitting the case, or that someone recognizes the jewelry, "Right now our main objective is to get the items back to the rightful owners," said Winebrenner.

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