Colts cheerleader will shave her head if $10,000 raised for charity

Colts cheerleader will save her head if $10,000 raised for charity
Colts cheerleader will save her head if $10,000 raised for charity

As you're probably aware, many Colts players decided to shave their heads in solidarity with coach Chuck Pagano, who (when not providing inspirational speeches) is away from the team fighting leukemia.

But it's not just Colts players who are rocking -- or thinking about rocking -- the shorn look. One Colts cheerleader is going to shave her head as well. Her name is Megan, and if Blue, the Colts' blue horse mascot, can raise $10,000 between Nov. 12 and Nov. 25, Megan will let Blue shave her head before the Bills-Colts game on Nov. 25.

It's a bold move by Megan and it's hard not to respect her courage: Shaving your head is one thing when you're Andrew Luck and you're wearing a helmet or a hat the whole time. It's a whole different ballgame when, as Megan points out, many of the cheerleader routines involve shaking your head around.

But, as you can see in the video depicting the details of the agreement as well as an attorney having Megan sign some sort of document, she doesn't seem in the least bit worried.

Of course, as honorable as Megan's actions are, the whole agreement is made a little awkward by the creepy nature of Blue's behavior in the video, which occurs like four or five times. Maybe it's just a mascot being really excited about shaving a woman's head, or maybe it's his alien bug eyes.

But whatever it is, it's irrelevant: The important thing to remember is that you can help fight leukemia by making a donation (specifically at this link) and in doing so, also force poor Megan to go Sinead O'Connor for the next few months.

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