Editorial: Cuyahoga County budget spending

WOIO Editorial: Cuyahoga County budget spending

(WOIO) - Cuyahoga County is working on a budget and County Executive Ed Fitzgerald, who is anxious to offset cuts in state spending, wants to stick his hand in the cookie jar.

The cookie jar is the county reserve fund and Fitzgerald wants to tap it to the tune of $28 million to pay for pre-kindergarten and elderly services.  But Councilman Dave Greenspan argues that at this current spending pace, the reserves will be empty in three years.

We agree.  The 2013 budget is already whopping $61 million, higher than what was originally projected.  Fitzgerald needs to follow the lead of Governor Kasich and reign in the spending.

Taxpayers are not looking for leaders who take the easy and convenient way out, but rather those who have the courage to make tough decisions.  That reserve fund should be for times of emergency.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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