Editorial: Plain (Dealer) as night and day

WOIO Editorial: Plain (Dealer) as night and day

(WOIO) - We normally don't stick our nose in our competitor's business.  Running a TV station keeps us busy enough, but when it concerns the very livelihood of an institution as important as the Plain Dealer, well we feel compelled to speak up.

You know, newspapers across the country have fallen on hard times and the Plain Dealer is no exception.  Many news consumers have switched to reading the news online.  And the unfortunate fact is that others have gotten into the habit of not reading anything at all.  The result is that the PD's circulation has plummeted and the rumor is that the paper may soon print their editions only three days a week.

Well now, the union representing PD writers and other staff has launched a public campaign to try to save the newspaper.  Times have changed and all of us in the media will have to adapt. But to me the thought of no newspaper on my doorstep each morning is unsettling.  The demise of the Plain Dealer is a headline none of us should want to read.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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