Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden discuss Dallas

Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden discuss Dallas
Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden discuss Dallas

Berea (WOIO) - Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson met with the media on Wednesday to talk about the Cowboys game on Sunday.  Here's what the two rookies had to say.

Trent Richardson:

(On if the players have to win in order to legitimize the talk of being re-energized after the bye week) – "When you talk about being re-energized, you can talk about it from a health point being injured, especially for me. I had a few injuries. We've been pretty beat up this season. For us, we're just trying to turn this place around. Take it one day at a time, one game at a time and try to get to that point where we're always winning."

(On what stands out about the Cowboys defense) – "Their defensive ends, especially (DeMarcus) Ware. He's one of the most amazing d-ends and vet that has been in the league for a while that knows the game. If you don't cover him up, he can make a lot of trouble in the backfield, whether you're throwing the ball or you're running the ball. With their linebackers, they like to come up and hit you in your mouth. They have pretty quick, fast linebackers that run sideline to sideline. You've got to try to hit one move and go."

Joe Thomas:

(On the play of John Greco) – "I think he has done a nice job. It's always hard to come in, in the middle of the year and take over for a starter that goes down, but I think he's done a really good job coming in. He was our most readied backup. He's got the most experience and he's actually one of the older guys on the O-line. It has been a pretty seamless transition."


(On DeMarcus Ware) – "The guy does everything great. You'd be hard pressed to find a better outside linebacker in the NFL in the last 15-plus years. He stops the run (and) he's a fantastic pass rusher. I don't know what his sack numbers are since he's been in the league, but I don't know if anybody has had more. I'm sure he's right at the top and when you average one sack a game it's pretty impressive. Everything he does is phenomenal. He's the type of guy that you try to keep quiet, but you can't shut him down no matter what you do for a whole game."


Brandon Weeden:

(On Coach Shurmur saying he needs to improve by not throwing interceptions) – "That's kind of been my priority since I played pee-wee football. We never want to throw interceptions. My aggressive manor and mindset sometimes gets me in trouble, and you guys know that. I'm not going to take that away from myself. I agree, I have to take care of the football. I have to cut down on them. I think guys that are aggressive like that, sometimes that's one category they unfortunately may have a couple more than they'd like. It's not good, but we're just being aggressive. Sometimes, making that aggressive throw, sometimes it catapults you and gets you momentum. You get a big throw and kind of spark a drive or something. I agree with what he's saying."

(On lack of sacks being because of the offensive line or getting rid of ball quicker) – "The majority of that goes to those guys (offensive line). Those guys are doing a great job of keeping me off the ground. We're getting the ball out quick, but I think it all starts with those guys up front. Tight ends blocking and backs doing their part. My offensive line has played outstanding all year. I think Mitch (Schwartz) has come in and played great. He has gotten better every single game. You guys know, he's the smartest guy in this locker room, and it's not even close. You tell him something once, and he doesn't forget it. He has played great. I think overall, getting rid of the ball, and then obviously them playing as well as they have is the reason why. We've got to keep doing it. I think that's something that you can't have. You can't take sacks in this league or else you're drive is pretty much over."

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