Comedian takes jabs at Cleveland in new book

Comedian takes jabs at Cleveland in new book

A local comedian is taking jabs at Cleveland in new book.

Cleveland native and comedian Mike Polk Jr., known for his youtube videos that poke fun of the city and our beloved Browns has a new book out called Damn right I'm from Cleveland.

It's probably one of the most important books since the bible," says Polk.

The book, complete with pictures, is now out in stores and online for about $15.  "It's about you know, all kinds of tricks and what not, about how to have fun and make it in America's 47th biggest city," Polk says.

When it comes to dating on a budget in the Rock and Roll city Polk has a few ideas.

"I recommend Edgewater Beach.  It's breathtaking, and I mean that literally.  Do not try to breathe.  You will get very ill if you try to breathe down there, but, it's free," laughs Polk.

With the holidays just around the corner the 35-year old bachelor says his book is a great stocking stuffer.

"It's definitely better than a Chia Pet, although, honestly there's a feature on this book if you spill water on it, it will grow hair," said Polk.

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