Jackson Twp. coach accused of hiding cameras in locker room

Jackson Twp. coach accused of hiding cameras in locker room
Former basketball coach Scott Studer
Former basketball coach Scott Studer
Jackson Twp. police news conference
Jackson Twp. police news conference

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Outrage after a high school coach hid cameras inside the boys locker-room shower!

Jackson Township was rocked by the news Tuesday afternoon.  Although, some say for years they suspected something was not right about this coach.

For 25 years, Jackson Township parents trusted coach Scott Studer, but police say he abused that trust and victimized countless boys.

"At the basketball banquet every year he'd break down and cry about his commitment to these kids.  Little did we know he was video taping them," said Jon DuPont, concerned parent and Jackson Youth Basketball Association Commissioner.

The 46-year-old freshman basketball coach and high school Building Aide is being held at the Stark County Jail.  He's accused of hiding a camera in the boys locker room and filming them in the shower, something parents say Studer mandated and participated in.

"These images to our knowledge at this point were not shared with others," said Jackson Police Chief Dave Zink.

The chief, however, couldn't explain why the United States Postal Service is involved.  He said they only started investigating this morning, and it's part of a bigger child porn case.

Jackson PD says the secret periodic recordings went on for eight years, but some wonder if it goes even deeper.

"He had parties at his house.  He had sleep-overs on numerous occasions," said DuPont.

"You always think -- there's something not right here" said Deb Cahoon.

On top of already feeling violated and betrayed, Jackson parents and players are bothered that the information first came to them through the media and not from the school.

"I was upset we weren't contacted by an administrator.  My son is terribly upset.  He's on the ninth grade team now," said parent Sylvera Greene.

Now anxious and angry parents want to know how and when the years worth of victims will be identified.

"Whose children are involved in this?  We're not getting any answers," said Sharon Deagan.

Coach Struder has already resigned, and is facing eight state charges already.  He'll likely face federal charges.  Now the police department must sift through all the evidence gathered from his house to identify victims.

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