Neighbors demand action in wake of recent crime spree

Neighbors demand action in wake of recent crime spree

A crime spree on Cleveland's west side, and frustration is high.

People living in the area of West 174th and Flamingo in Cleveland are demanding answers as they attempt to take back their streets.  The neighborhood has experienced a recent rash of home and car break ins.  They complain that they regularly witness drug dealing and that speed limits and stop signs are ignored making it dangerous for their children.

Councilman Martin Sweeney had a tiger by the tail as he met with people who say they simply don't get enough attention from the police.  He has promised to study the matter, but many didn't want to hear it.

One long-time resident put it bluntly saying, "I been coming to these meetings for 30 years and it's the same crap every time."

With the exception of an occasional plane overhead for years it has been a quiet place to live. Now neighbors say people regularly speed, endangering kids and roll through or don't stop at all for stop signs.

"That stop sign is ridiculous, you might as well take the damn thing down," said another angry resident.  "One of the neighbors had a shot gun pulled on her because she was simply getting her trash cans and interrupted a drug deal."

The line of defense is police patrols, but there was no relief there.

"We don't patrol because we answer radio runs from the minute we get in till the minute we go home," said Cleveland Police Sgt. Norman.

Cathy Harche knows that well.  Her rental unit was a target when it was unoccupied.

"The lady across the street saved my house.  The house was going to be broken into when it was vacant," said Cathy Harche.

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