Cold Case Cracked: Woman kidnapped at shopping center

Cold Case Cracked: Woman kidnapped at shopping center

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Garfield Heights Police have solved a 22 year old mystery.

They just filed charges against Timothy Byrne.  He's accused of kidnapping a woman from a shopping center parking lot, driving her off and raping her.

The attack happened in 1990.  The case went unsolved, in part, because scientific testing of evidence wasn't what it is today.  In fact, police weren't able to send evidence to a DNA database until years later.

We're told they just recently got a match to Byrne, who is in prison in Tennessee for another sex crime.

Just this week, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors indicted Byrne for rape and kidnapping.

"It was gratifying to call the victim in the shopping center attack and let her the case had been solved.  We got him.  After 22 years, we got him," said Garfield Heights Police Chief Robert Sackett.

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