Sexting cop's identity revealed

Sexting cop's identity revealed

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A veteran Garfield Heights Police Officer now faces serious departmental charges, following a Carl Monday investigation earlier this week.

Monday's expose included allegations that Robert Ward sent suggestive text messages to a woman who claims the two engaged in sexual activity inside Ward's police cruiser.

When Monday met recently with Police Chief Robert Sackett about the matter, the Chief promised to investigate.  He wasted no time, recommending departmental charges a few days later. In a letter sent Thursday, Ward was advised he faces a list of possible charges, including unauthorized use of a vehicle, neglect of duty and conduct detrimental to the department.

Monday and his team have also looked into the officer's personnel file:

In 1995,  A woman stop by Ward for a traffic violation asked her out on a date, and stalked her when she refused.  There were two similar complaints, but the women refused to file formal complaints.

In 2002, a woman who was out drinking with the officer claims he later smacked her and pushed her into the kitchen cabinets.  The incident cost Ward a verbal reprimand from the then chief.

In 2007, Ward was stripped of his duties as a detective in the narcotics unit after he threw a party at his house.  There were allegations of underage drinking and a teen who attended the party claimed Ward tried to choke him.

In 2009, Ward received a warning for using the "N" word after responding to a call.

And currently, the Chief is investigating allegations by a female bartender that Ward made crude comments and tried to grab her breasts.  Her son says Ward assaulted him when he tried to defend his mother.  The City Prosecutor has already ruled no criminal act was committed, but the Chief is still investigating.

Officer Ward has refused to talk to Monday about any of this.  He'll have a chance to tell his story at a disciplinary hearing after the Thanksgiving holidays.

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