Lack of Vitamin D a concern during winter months

As we move into winter, sun sightings will be few and far between and that could affect your health.

Our bodies synthesize sunshine into Vitamin D and in this area of the country, starting around this time of the year, dieticians, like Lisa Cimperman of University Hospitals, start noticing a drop in patients' vitamin D levels.

"Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, so without adequate Vitamin D you may have problems with your bones," says Cimperman.

But, developing osteoporosis later in life is not the only potential issue.

"We're seeing research come out that vitamin D may be associated with such things as depression, colon cancer and a host of acute and chronic diseases," says Cimperman.

You can make up for the lack of sunshine, by eating and drinking foods fortified with Vitamin D and taking a multi-vitamin or calcium supplement.

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