Chow down and eat like a Brown

Chow down and eat like a Brown

It's Thanksgiving week and we're gonna show you what's on the menu to beat the stuffing out of those Bengals, Ravens, and yes, those hated Steelers!

It's meal time with the Cleveland Browns!

This Thanksgiving week 19 Action News gets unprecedented access to the inner workings of your hometown team.

Phil Taylor tips the scale at 355.  Jordan Norwood, maybe 180.  Once they hit the training table, everything's equal.

Patrick Dunn is the Executive Chef for the Browns.  It's his job to feed 60 NFL players, 6 days a week, all day.

"We'll go through 400 lbs of meat, 400 lbs of chicken, 200 lbs of fish, per week...bacon, that's 120 lbs...that's probably the biggest no-no, but...that's for breakfast," said Dunn.

Therein lies the challenge.  Keeping it healthy, but keeping it interesting and keeping these coolers stocked.

The fact is, these players are great at policing themselves.  They may eat a lot.

"For most people, 6-8 ounces...for them, 16 ounces, plus all the vegetables," said Dunn.

But they eat healthy.

"Oh yeah. Very healthy. What their body needs," said Dunn.

Trent may love Subway, but on game day, there's only one meal he'll eat.

"Mine is eggs, potatoes and steak...that's the fuel that keeps the machine known as T-Rich going?....yeah...Nick Saban taught it to me at Alabama, and ever since then, I've been eating the same meal," said Richardson.

And, occasionally they'll sneak in a few manly treats on the side.

They sneak in brats, sausage, kind of like the guys in the muni lot, without the beer.

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