Police: Unknown man walks into Hudson elementary school

Police: Unknown man walks into Hudson elementary school

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - Hudson Police are alerting parents about an intruder at the school district's indoor swimming pool at East Woods Elementary.

The district superintendent sent out a recorded message saying Thursday night saying a man walked into the natatorium, and he went to the boys locker room.

The man was only there a few minutes, but someone saw him flush something in the toilet before he left.  He had no business being there.

Police got an anonymous call about this on Friday morning and the district told parents.

The guy has not yet been identified.

He is described as white, older, 5'8-6'0 tall, with brown hair, a reddish-brown beard, and glasses.

This news comes days after a Jackson Township basketball coach caused alarm there.  Police arrested him for planting secret video cameras in a boys locker room.

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