Ohio unemployment rate improving

Liz Bermea
Liz Bermea

According to the state figures released Friday, Ohio's unemployment rate was 6.9% in October. That's a huge improvement from October 2011, when unemployment reached as high as 8.3%.

Thousands of new jobs have been added to the professional and business services industry like Twist Creative in Ohio City. The marketing firm does a little bit of everything, including branding and design services for local and national retail stores, healthcare and food services.

The company currently has 10 employees, four of which are new hires like Liz Bermea who is fresh out of college.

"I feel very fortunate to have been able to get a job at all, let alone in the career that I studied in," Bermea said.

Josh Taylor, Twist Creative's director of strategy and development, says things are definitely improving.

"People are looking at 2013 as a positive year. They're looking at growth within their own industries," Taylor told us.

The unemployment rate fell below seven percent for the first time since the recession crippled Ohio. Although the unemployment numbers aren't exactly where they need to be, employees like Bermea say they're encouraged.

"It might not be hopeless as some people think it is. There's still opportunities out there that they might not know about, and companies are still hiring which is exciting and very hopeful."

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