More Monday moaning for Browns fans

More Monday moaning for Browns fans

Wouldn't you love to know what Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is thinking as he watches his new football team find new and creative ways to lose football games?

Here we go again, is what fans like Tyriq McLean are thinking, "It's something Cleveland fans are getting used to, been used to for awhile now. I still support the Browns and love my team, but they have to do better."

The Browns made all the plays in the first half, they dominated the game and led the Cowboys 13-0 at half. "We show we can make good plays, but we lose it when it counts. I think it's the coaching," said Browns fan Shannon Grabel.

Head coach Pat Shurmur is certainly taking the heat from fans, and he's probably feeling the pressure of a new owner peering over his shoulder.  And the 23-20 overtime loss to the Cowboys will not help his cause. Browns fans have seen this before and they are not enjoying the view, "I used to look positively at the fact that we stayed in the game, that we kept it close, that it was an exciting game.  But I'm kind of over that now," said fan Bill Roddy.

And no team has caused more frustration for the Browns than the Pittsburgh Steelers and it's the Steelers coming to Cleveland on Sunday. It would be nice if the Browns spread the frustration around the league for a change.

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