Struggling mom finds inspiration, empowerment on 4 wheels

Struggling mom finds inspiration, empowerment on 4 wheels

Latasha Burrell, a hard working mother of 5, is always struggling to make ends meet.  Her 12-year-old car with 200,000 miles was on its way out.

Shimmying at certain speeds, the "check engine" light was always on.

Today Allstate and Sterling Autobody on Cleveland's west side gave her the keys to inspiration and empowerment.  A newly refurbished 2009 Chevy Impala is all hers.

"This is a blessing.  You all are like my guardian angels. I can't even believe this is happening for me and my family", Burrell said.

Joan Maser, Executive Director of Family Promise of Greater Cleveland lives for these moments. Their mission is to help struggling families who are trying hard to be self sufficient.  Latasha Burrell, she says, is the perfect candidate.

"She is motivated.  She is employed.  She maintains employment and takes care of her kids and having transportation to be able to do that is a phenomenal gift".

"This is Christmas for me.  I try and try to give my kids everything.  They are my life.  Now these are the keys to a new life.  I can go the distance, do what I need to do as a mother." said Burrell.

Nationwide, 40 refurbished cars will go to deserving people this holiday season as part of the recycled rides program.

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