Mike Hargrove a candidate for Toronto job

Mike Hargrove a candidate for Toronto job
Mike Hargrove a candidate for Toronto job

The Blue Jays kept their huge trade with the Marlins quiet all the way until it was time to tell the players involved, and they've tried to keep their manager search every bit as silent.

What we do know, from people who have talked to the Blue Jays, is that most of their focus has been on veteran managers. They've told some people that they would prefer to hire a veteran "with an edge," according to one source.

One veteran manager whom they have definitely spoken to, according to sources: Mike Hargrove, who managed the Indians, Orioles and Mariners but has been out of the dugout since he left Seattle at midseason 2007.

The Blue Jays earlier reached out to Bobby Cox, but he told them he wasn't interested. It doesn't appear they have reached out to Lou Piniella, and they haven't spoken to Jim Fregosi, Jim Riggleman or Bobby Valentine.

Larry Bowa and Jim Tracy could also fit the Blue Jays' profile, but it's not clear whether either is a candidate.

Much earlier in the search, the Blue Jays spoke with Dodgers coach Tim Wallach, according to reports. They have ex-Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu on their current coaching staff.

The Jays, who traded manager John Farrell to the Red Sox on Oct. 21, are the only major league team without a manager. They're not yet close to setting a record for the latest date to hire one; the Red Sox didn't hire Valentine until Nov. 29 last year, while the Dodgers didn't hire Grady Little until Dec. 8 in 2005.

Hargrove, who turned 63 last month, took the Indians to two World Series, their only two since 1954. He had losing records in each of his four seasons with the Orioles and also in his two full seasons with the Mariners. Hargrove left the Mariners abruptly in July 2007, saying his "passion has begun to fade."

In recent years, though, Hargrove has started to get more involved and has let friends know that he would like another shot.

Originally posted by Danny Knobler on CBSSports.com