Thanksgiving travel steady, gasoline prices to blame

Thanksgiving travel steady, gasoline prices to blame

(WOIO) - As pump prices have fallen, GasBuddy has asked surveyed motorists about their travel plans.

Results from the poll of over 15,000 GasBuddy households showed some surprises. 16% of respondents in this year's poll indicated they would not me driving at all for holiday gatherings, up from 15% last year.

53% indicated they would be driving a similar amount compared to last year, up from 50% the year before.

More notably, 18% of respondents said they would be driving less than last year, a drop of 4% from the previous poll, which showed 22% of motorists would be driving less.

Overall, 8% of those surveyed said they would be driving slightly or significantly more than last year, down from 9% a year ago. The results of the poll indicate that drivers drove more last year, and are planning similar travels this year, as gasoline prices have trended lower.

"Overall, we believe more Americans will be hitting the road for this Thanksgiving Day compared to last year. Gasoline prices have come down over the last month, dramatically in some states, leading motorists to feel better about things- including driving the car to get to their destinations, " added Gregg Laskoski, also an analyst with