Smartphone for smart shopping

Smartphone for smart shopping

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - It is a marathon not a sprint, Black Friday, that is. And more people are putting smartphones to use, through hundreds of apps, to make their day of shopping a little bit easier.

And when it comes to a long day of shopping, no one will disagree with Alison Tanchak, the manager of the Verizon store in Strongsville, "You want to make sure you are planning and getting things done in an order that makes sense and then be home by noon in bed, right?"

Obviously the main goal for Black Friday is getting the best deal, saving cash on that must-have Christmas gift.  And for that reason, Tanchak thinks the coolest, must have app for Black Friday is the Shop Savvy app.  It is simple to use, download the app and then scan the bar code of an item you are interested in and it gives you the price of that item at all of the stores in your area.

"It saves you running around, it saves you gas, you can plan your day better because you have to have a strategy when you're out there on Black Friday, because it's crazy that day," said Tanchak.

There are hundreds of apps to make your day a bit easier, including the Find My Car app, which through GPS, after a long day in the mall, will help you find your car in the packed parking lot.  The apps are easy to find. On your Android phone go to your play store or on your I-phone go to the app store, type in Black Friday and hundreds of apps will come up.  You better give yourself some time to go through all those options and come up with the best plan for your shopping needs.

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