Is Black Friday now Black Thursday?

Is Black Friday now Black Thursday?
Black Friday shoppers
Black Friday shoppers

The ever popular shopping day known as Black Friday is now so popular it is creeping into and maybe distracting from the day before - Thursday, which is Thanksgiving - and some shoppers don't like that.

"We don't need to be so materialistic," one shopper said.

Thanksgiving is a period where people spend time with their loved ones in appreciation of what they have.

But in this day and age of materialism is the spirit of the holiday trampled by the uncontrollable urge to gobble up all of the best bargains which will be first offered on Thanksgiving night?

Another shopper said, "I won't shop on Thanksgiving that is a time to be with family."

In some places Black Friday deteriorated into hand to hand combat among shoppers, "Yeah I won't shop that day some bad behavior."

And then there are Target workers circulating an online petition - with more than 300,000 signatures asking the retail giant to give them the day off on Thanksgiving, "Those workers need that day off," a shopper said Tuesday.

Angelia Watley is a hospital nurse who sometimes must work on the holidays but says that should not be the case with retail workers, "Families need to be with their families on the holidays."

The day after Thanksgiving is an annual festival to the cash register but Black Friday would not exist if shoppers didn't want it.

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