Editorial Reply: Jeffrey Strauss

WOIO Editorial Reply: Jeffrey Strauss

(WOIO) - Hello, my name is Jeffrey Strauss responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about the demise of the Plain Dealer.

Are you kidding me?  Cleveland's lone newspaper not being delivered to my doorstop each morning would be like the sun not coming up.  Each morning, I look forward to it being delivered to my house after coming home from working nights.

I can't imagine the thought of not holding the newspaper.  I don't want to get some highlighted online version of that news.  Besides, there are a lot of people who do not have Internet access.  What are they supposed to do?

I have been happy with the product that the Cleveland Plain Dealer has provided me. Diminishing circulation or doing away with it altogether would be a travesty.  I know that it would not only disappoint me but thousands of other customers out there who would miss the look and feel of a real printed newspaper.

Thank you.

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