Editorial: Pet Peeved

WOIO Editorial: Pet Peeved

(WOIO) - A dog may well be man's best friend, but man does not always return the sentiment.  Here in Ohio, for example, the state has failed for decades to protect future pets from greedy puppy mill operators.

Well, now, for the first time, Ohio lawmakers have agreed on a bill that requires all dog breeding facilities to be licensed and inspected.  And, at first glance, the new law gives the defenseless animals a new leash on life.  Unfortunately, the proposed law may be more bark than bite.

Critics argue, and we agree, that the new law gives puppy mills too much of a free pass.  It requires a state inspection only once every two years, and doesn't outlaw those dog auctions.

Many puppy mills breed and house animals in conditions that are, simply put "unfit for a dog."

But, the operators, who make millions sometimes off their puppy production lines, will face a measly $25.00 fine if they are found in violation.

We think Ohio lawmakers need to come back with a bill that has some bite.  And, until then, Ohio lawmakers will remain in our doghouse.

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