Plenty of con men but too few investigators

Plenty of con men but too few investigators

The holiday shopping season often brings out more identity thieves and con men, but we found only a small number of those financial crimes get solved.

19 Action News found as of a month ago, the Cleveland Police Financial Crimes Unit took in 1553 reports, but only 60 cases had been cleared by arrests.  Another 140 had been cleared for other reasons -- false report, crime unfounded, etc.

We also noticed that unit only has a few people, four detectives and a sergeant to handle all of those cases.  And the investigations can be complex.  The unit recently cracked an international scam targeting a former nun on the west side.

The Cleveland Police union would like more investigators assigned, but at the same time, the murder rate is soaring.

We've also seen a spike in financial crimes in some suburbs--especially those with busy retail areas.

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