Walmart preps for Black Friday

Walmart preps for Black Friday

Walmart's electronics department will be a hot spot come Thanksgiving night.  New this year, the chain is eliminating the frustration of waiting in line only to see your must have item is gone.  Those shopping for an LCD TV, Blue Ray player or IPad won't be disappointed.

"If you're in line for one of these from 10 and 11pm you'll get a guarantee card, pay for it, register on line and its guaranteed to be back in your store in time to be under your Christmas tree," said Walmart Representative Molly Philhours.

Shoppers are already scoping out the merchandise and the prices.

"I'm coming Thanksgiving.  I'll be up at six at Kmart, here later on then back to Kmart on Black Friday," said Black Friday shopper Mary Kile.

Another perk at Walmart this year, no camping out.  The lines are inside, separated for specific items.

"We're open 24 hrs a day, you can stand inside our warm store and get in line for these products early," said Philhours.

Customers willing to stay up late or get up early say it's worth their while.

"Prices are cheaper…that's it," says Black Friday shopper Angelica Cruz.  "I can buy more things with what I've saved."

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